What I Eat In Day – Raw Vegan Episode #1

It’s so funny when I first started eating a plant based diet it’s like those around me could see the difference without me even announcing what I was doing. I lost a ton of weight effortlessly, my skin became really clear and I just felt more energized and ALIVE and at that time my family and co-workers wanted to know..What I was doing?…What I ate?….and Did I miss chicken? :-) And I actually still get some of those questions today. So inside of today’s video I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at what I typically eat in a day when I’m eating an all uncooked plant based diet. If you are curious about how to incorporate more plant based foods into your diet then you should download my brand new 7 Day Meal Plan and Recipe Guide. Click on the link below to check out today’s brand new video.