Everything Raw 7 Day Meal Plan and Recipes

UntitledDear Wellness Seeker,

Of course you want to eat healthy meals that taste good and that leave you looking and feeling your best. I’m sure you’ve tried searching recipe books and the internet for new recipes to add to your repertoire but they just don’t seem to come out like you imagined. ¬†You just want to start eating healthy immediately but you don’t quite know where to start.

That’s where I come in. My name is Stephanie Hall and I’m a nutritional coach and chef who specializes in plant based cuisine and helping you to add in those foods that are missing most from the standard American diet. I specialize in helping people to lose weight, make healthier choices and eliminate overwhelm when it comes to make healthy living a lifestyle.

Prior to starting on my own personal health and wellness journey my body kept giving me signals that I needed to do something different. I knew that I needed to be eating healthier but I didn’t know the foods to start incorporating right away and I had the biggest challenge finding recipes that tasted good and that provided me with the the flavor that so many of the recipes that I had tried was lacking. The process of educating myself on healthy eating required for me to search high and low reading recipe books along with spending lots of time in the kitchen experimenting with new foods, spices, textures and flavors that didn’t always turn out right. Through that whole process I now can look at a recipe and tell whether or not it will taste good. I have also learned exactly how to organize my kitchen and the equipment that I needed to have on hand to incorporate more fresh foods into my diet effortlessly. This menu plan and recipe guide is a result of lots of trial in error in the kitchen that you won’t have to go through since I’ve already gone through it for you and the result is 7 days of recipes that taste great and that will leave you feeling even greater. Within The Everything Raw Menu Plan and Recipe Guide I’ve provided you with everything that you needed to get jump started in incorporating more fresh foods into your diet that are packed with flavor and tons of nutritional value. The recipes in this 7 Day Menu Plan are tried and true and some of my favorites that I prepare all of the time.

Here’s what people just like you had to say about the recipes found inside THE EVERYTHING RAW 7 DAY MENU PLAN AND RECIPE GUIDE:

So let it be known….Stephanie Hall is one of the best things to come into all of our lives. She makes “UN” Cooking taste good!!!

Tarek Stevens – Washington,DC

Terk Entertainment Group

Stephanie, I made your kale salad…TWICE! It just keeps getting better and better!

Tracey Hicks – Washington,DC


This new resource called THE EVERYTHING RAW MENU PLAN AND RECIPE GUIDE walks with you through grocery shopping and food preparation. Prepare to start making healthier choices for 7 straight Days.

Here’s an inside peek of what you can expect inside THE EVERYTHING RAW 7 DAY MENU PLAN AND RECIPE GUIDE:

  • Recipes, Recipes and More Recipes
  • 7 Day Everything RAW Shopping List
  • PLUS…Some Of My Favorite Dessert Recipes including my RAW SWEET POTATO CHEESECAKE

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