One on One VIP Day

Dear Wellness Seeker,

As a health coach trained in diet, lifestyle and wellness coaching I’ve helped dozens of people just like you to reach their goals for weight loss, increased energy and getting unstuck in looking and feeling their best.

When I first got started on my own personal wellness journey I was often left confused and overwhelmed at the amount of new knowledge and information that I still needed to attain in order to replace my old beliefs and habits with new beliefs and new habits. I had never been to a health food store, I didn’t know what foods to incorporate to lose weight and to heal from my existing health challenges. I knew very little about reading food labels and was still unaware of the foods that were actually still packing on the pounds and not ideal for me to consume. I also had very little recipes to pull from to keep healthy eating interesting, enjoyable and fun.

So, while I was aware that I wanted to change I was still stuck purchasing food that was loaded with chemicals that were throwing my body and hormonal system out of wack and causing more weight gain. If that wasn’t enough eating healthy socially and on the weekends was still pushing me further from reaching my goals for weight loss and more energy. As a health coach I’ve also found that most of the women that I’ve worked with have also run into the same roadblocks and while it has taken me years and years to figure it out I know that you might not have the time or energy to do the same.

Given that I created my one on one VIP Day to literally walk side by side with you and show you my top strategies for living a healthier lifestyle, shedding unwanted pounds, maintaining weight, making healthier meals and healthier choices. This one on one VIP Day is a one day download of everything that you need to know to get started and be successful.

The proven strategies and techniques that I will be sharing during our time together are strategies and daily techniques that I personally use and share with my other VIP clients for continued and consistent success.

Sheila Johnson
I have gained so much knowledge about healthier eating from the personalized cooking classes with Stephanie. I was ready to make changes to improve my health and since implementing more fresh foods and the recipes and techniques learned from the personalized classes with Stephanie, I have experienced more energy, weight loss and a clearer complexion. This has been a wonderful new journey for me!!! I will be signing up for more classes and encouraging my friends to participate. I have also been sharing my food with colleagues and trying to educate them about healthier eating and nutrition
Sheila Johnson Co-founder Black Entertainment Television and CEO of Salamander Resorts

Are you ready to do something different in order to get new and different results. Here is an inside peek of what you can expect during our One on One VIP Day together:

  • Wellness Consultationto review where you are and where you would like to be
  • Customized Wellness Plan – have you ever tried to go somewhere that you have never been without a road map? It could be quite confusing. Together we will construct a realistic plan to get you from where you are to where you would like to be to include resources, recommendations and an action guide for continued success.
  • Private Health Food Store Tour – I’m going to give you the inside scoop on parts of the store that you might have missed and those things that you should absolutely not leave without.
  • Declutter Your Kitchen Space - During our time together I’ll show you those items lurking in your kitchen and your pantry that are packing on the pounds and share with you healthier alternatives.
  • Culinary Cooking Session In Your Kitchen – you will learn how to add in the foods that are missing most from the standard American diet with a specific focus on plant based foods. You will be equipped with a good foundation for you to get started right away with some of my time tested recipes
  • VIP Wellness Gift Bag – everybody loves gifts right? Your VIP Wellness Gift Bag will be loaded with everything that you need to get started on your wellness journey.
  • PLUS…….

  • A gift certificate for a complimentary 75 min massage – this will be an opportunity for you to indulge in some self care to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit
  • Introduction to alternative healing therapies – therapies will be selected based on initial consultation
  • Two weeks of UNLIMITED email support – I got your back!! I’ll be available to answer any questions that you might have that you didn’t think of during our time together.
  • Free access to THE WAIST MANAGEMENT CLEANSE – you will get free access to join me for the next Waist Management Cleanse which is my 28 Day Jump Start Cleanse. During the program you can expect to continue shedding unwanted pounds with a system that has been proven to get AMAZING results. You will also get an opportunity to connect with a community of like minded women for continued support on your wellness journey. Learn more about whats included in The Waist Management Cleanse here

There is absolutely no way you can lose except by not taking me up on this incredible opportunity to finally stop weight gain and start feeling more confident right now!! Based on my schedule and availability I’m available for travel to the desired location for our One on One VIP Day. Additional fees apply for travel outside of the DC Metropolitan area.

Please send all inquiries to to learn more about the application process for joining Stephanie for a one on one VIP DAY.

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