Sheila Johnson www.salamanderresort.com/
I have gained so much knowledge about healthier eating from the personalized raw “un” cooking classes with Stephanie. I was ready to make changes to improve my health and since implementing more fresh foods and the recipes and techniques learned from the personalized classes with Stephanie, I have experienced more energy, weight loss and a clearer complexion. This has been a wonderful new journey for me!!! I will be signing up for more classes and encouraging my friends to participate. I have also been sharing my food with colleagues and trying to educate them about healthier eating and nutrition
Sheila Johnson www.salamanderresort.com/ Co-founder Black Entertainment Television and CEO of Salamander Resorts
Tasha Bolden - Centreville, VA
After a visit to the ER and leaving with a diagnosis of an unexplained epigastric pain, and then being charged over $2,000 in hospital bills, making an investment in my health and to work with Stephanie was a NO-BRAINER. The advice that Stephanie has to offer is good for a lifetime so I feel my money paid is well worth it. The 1-on-1 cooking classes allowed me to get hands on experience cooking healthy and yummy foods. The amount of food that we prepared at each class lasted my husband and I through the entire week which was another benefit as I didn’t have to go grocery shopping that week. Since taking the personalized cooking classes. I feel more confident in preparing healthy hormone free meals on my own. All of the ingredients used during the classes are non-GMO and have no additional chemicals or additives. Over the 3 months working together my body felt great and my skin was clearer. My husband has lost weight and his triglycerides and cholesterol levels have decreased.My husband and I have also become more motivated in choosing healthy options now that we have the knowledge. I have also gained knowledge in different kitchen items that help to save time during food prep and I don’t feel as intimidated now using fresh ingredients and fresh spices. There were a couple of foods that I’ve never tried before and I found that I enjoyed them, so my healthy food options that I like to eat has now expanded. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend the personalized cooking classes. They are a lot of fun and you learn a great deal of information about healthy options that taste good.Stephanie is a rare find!! She is awesome and you won’t regret making the decision to sign up with her!!
Tasha Bolden - Centreville, VA
Carla Vercoe www.studiobepilates.com
Stephanie Hall has been a great influence on me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. She introduced me to the benefits of coconuts and has been a guest raw chef at my home for a dinner party/raw food prep class. She is professional, knowledgeable and an excellent chef. I have participated in her three day raw food menu’s (which are awesome and fulfilling) as well as hired her to prepare desserts and foods for personal parties and events hosted at my Pilates studio. She is a wealth of information and I highly recommend her.
Carla Vercoe www.studiobepilates.com Pilates Studio Owner - Fairfax, VA
The one on one boot camp series was an investment in my health and it was definitely worth it!! With all of the new recipes that I’ve received I’ve been able to add a lot more options to my meal planning. I’ve also learned how to cut down my time inside the kitchen when it comes to preparing healthy meals by putting to use some of the equipment that you exposed me to during our time together. I also really liked how the boot camp focused on one meal portion at a time so I was able to digest everything without feeling overwhelmed.
Takiyah Parrish. - Sterling, VA
My biggest AHA moment during The Waist Management Cleanse is the way that you feel with what you are eating. Considering that I grew up on steak and potatoes from the Midwest. I feel so much better now. My mind is so much clearer. This whole process has just been AMAZING! The one thing that I have really enjoyed is that the taste of the food is wonderful. I have really enjoyed all the recipes that you have given us. The other amazing thing is that it has not been two weeks and I have already lost 14 pounds just changing this much so far. While participating in the program I have also been helping my mom to change her eating habits too and she also lost a total of 8 pounds. Thank you so much for your help!!!
Andrea B. - Northern, VA
Karen Schneider
As a long-distance runner and long time athlete, I knew that good nutrition was important for performance and optimal recovery, but I made excuses about my eating habits such as, “I can eat what I want because I exercise so much!” However, my health was suffering. I decided to make an investment in my health and myself by working with Stephanie. She possesses so much wisdom and knowledge, and by following her advice, I have lost extra weight, I sleep better, my skin improved, and my running performance continues to advance. Diets and self-deprivation do not work. Quality nutrition, hydration, and the holistic approach espoused by Stephanie mark the way forward.
Karen Schneider Reston, VA
I was really excited about signing up for the personalized cooking class and what I liked best about the 1-on-1 cooking class was that I got a chance to choose the dishes that I wanted to make beforehand and that I could ask questions along the way while cooking together. I have also benefited from our time together in that I now know how to save time in the kitchen with food prep using the equipment and techniques that you shared during the class.I would definitely recommend the personalized cooking classes to others because I personally think that we are so willing to pay for care and medicine after we get sick but we really need to think about prevention. This was a great experience and I would really love to take the 5 session series.
Kisha S. - Gainesville, VA
Dr. Michael O
I have practiced clinical nutrition in my chiropractic practice for 35 years. Not only for my patients but for myself also. In all my years of teaching and preaching the facts of health and it’s relationship to nutrition, one fact stands out above the rest : ” You can’t be better than what you put in your body.” Stephanie continually drives this point in her teaching in a passionate and most loving and irresistible way, through her knowledge of eating your way to health. What a concept ! Eat healthy, live food, and get a healthy, live body. So profound. Thank you Stephanie. Your the best.
Dr. Michael O'Daniel Washington, D.C Powered Paragliding USA-www.poweredparaglidingusa.net
Since participating in The Waist Management Cleanse I have more energy and I feel more mentally alert. The features that I liked best about the cleanse were the weekly recipes that were provided and the overall structure of the program. The program has also really provided me with a foundation where I now know how to easily incorporate more greens into my diet. I was initially unsure if I could stick to the program but there were so many helpful tips and tricks offered by Stephanie and others participating in the cleanse that I stuck to it and I’m so happy that I did!!!!
Zena Washington - Rockville, MD


Elizabeth Norfrey
I am always hesitant about starting yet another weight loss system. However, since participating in the Waist Management Cleanse program I have begun to lose weight and I plan to continue to persevere in making healthy eating and healthy living a lifestyle. What I liked best about the program was the support and knowing that I could ask a question anytime I had one. I also loved that I was doing the program with others. I really enjoyed learning new things about removing toxic chemicals from my home that I typically use on my body daily. The guided journal exercises were also excellent and very helpful. I would definitely recommend the program to others as there was lots of information and help on clean  eating and a wonderful and gradual approach of easing into it.
Elizabeth Norfrey Sterling, VA


Leslie Washington www.inhishands.massagetherapy.com
When I reached out to Stephanie, I was looking for healthy lifestyle alternatives. I found so much more! She gave me a new outlook on life and my body and the class started a new wave of discovery! I would truly recommend anyone, at any phase in their journey to work with her so that she can change your view just as she did mine!!
Leslie Washington www.inhishands.massagetherapy.com Massage Therapist - Clinton, MD
I was initially hesitant about participating in The Waist Management Cleanse because I thought that I’d be hungry, and that I might not like the foods that I would have to eat and that I wouldn’t be able to stick to the plan. However, since participating in the cleanse I have more energy and I don’t experience the late afternoon crash that would normally cause me to crave sugar. During the program I also lost a few pounds and just overall felt better in general. I noticed that I now have better bowl movements and less cravings for sugar and sweets. The feature that I really liked most about The Waist Management Cleanse was introducing fresh drinks to my daily eating regimen. It’s so much easier than I thought and very convenient. I also liked trying new recipes and all of the recipes that I tried during the program were very good. I would definitely recommend the cleanse to anyone who is interested in eating healthier or anyone who is embarking on weight loss could use this as a jump start to healthier eating.
Tanya Lawrence. - Northern, VA
Debbie Del Tejo
Stephanie Hall has been such an inspiration as I pursue a healthy raw vegan lifestyle. I have attended many of her cooking classes and have learned that cooking raw and being a vegan does not have to be boring. On the contrary, I have had so much fun learning and trying at home what she has taught in her classes. I have also passed on the skills I have learned from her to others in an effort to make people aware that healthy eating does not just mean eating lettuce and tomatoes. I have moved to Florida and do miss Stephanie and her energetic smile and unselfish love for people. She was always bright and cheerful and always has a smile on her face. She gives and gives from her heart and genuinely cares for others. I still keep getting her emails and love her new website. I would recommend Stephanie for her cooking classes to anyone that wants to learn to have fun and eat healthy. She makes learning to be healthy FUN!
Debbie Del Tejo Florida
Overall everything that I have incorporated in my life from The Waist Management Cleanse has been beneficial and I would totally recommend the program to anyone who is looking to feel better. I have benefited from the program in that I feel so much better and I now have so much more energy and most of all I am now eating healthier and my elimination has improved from once or twice per week to almost after each meal. My initial hesitation about participating in the cleanse was purchasing and preparing the food but since participating in the program I now have a new found love for the food suggested during the cleanse. The features that I liked most about the program is the ability to contact Stephanie with any questions. I also like the posts that are shared daily in the private Facebook group from Stephanie and others who are participating in the program
Darlene M. - Springfield, VA
Tarek Stevens - Washington, D.C
So let it be known…..Stephanie Hall is one of the best things to come into all of our lives. She makes “UN’Cooking taste good!!

Tarek Stevens - Washington, D.C Terk Entertainment Group - Owner
April Morgan - Baltimore, MD
Stephanie has really helped me get started on a wellness and healthy eating journey. Her food is delicious – especially the raw cheesecakes! The only better thing than her food is her knowledge and attitude – she is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and preparing your body to be at its best. She is also extremely supportive and encouraging, even with people like me who occasionally “backslide.” I am so happy to be a part of her raw foods and healthy living community.
April Morgan - Baltimore, MD
Stephanie, I thank God for putting you in my life. You have helped me greatly. For the first time I really feel alive and well. Since participating in the cleanse my skin is not as dry. Also my hair was thinning in the top but now it is beginning to grow back. Prior to the cleanse I was exhausted all of the time now I feel really great and my energy level is also so much better. One of the features that I really liked about the cleanse is the health information and recipes that were shared. I would definitely recommend The Waist Management Cleanse to anyone who wants to get a handle on their health. This is the way to do it!!!
Peggy Martin - Washington, DC
Natalya Graham - Jacksonville, FL
The health and wellness group program has afforded me the opportunity to look at health in a new aspect. First and foremost, the approach that Stephanie uses is very straight forward and open which allows for individuals to be true to themselves about where they are and where they would like to be. I have learned more than ever about the negative effects that certain foods and believe it or not relationships could have on my body and mind. If there is one word that I could use to sum up the program I would use Informational, because this is what this program does it gives you valuable information that you could take and apply to your daily lifestyle with simple and realistic measures. Thanks Stephanie for providing an atmosphere of safety and healing. Looking forward to growing with you
Natalya Graham - Jacksonville, FL School Teacher
Stephanie I’m down 21 pounds and I’m so excited about it. I’m incorporating a lot of what I’ve learned from you……and I’m incorporating more fresh “live” foods. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for laying the foundation. I was actually listening and applying what you said!!!
Natasha B. - Norfolk, VA
Tonya Turner - Atlanta, GA
Your coaching has taught me how to listen to my body and I appreciate it so much. I no longer dismiss headaches and sluggishness as something normal.I realized why I wasn’t achieving my goals. It had nothing to do with traveling all the time for the job or being busy with extra curricular activities on the weekend. You taught me that its all about PLANNING. You also taught me that its about the total person and having a balanced life. I think that is what I have been able to implement since then and of course I am more knowledgeable about healthier food choices.
Tonya Turner - Atlanta, GA Engineer
Alison Frazier-Hayden - Martha
Steff….the class was wonderful. Your presentation was great and the food was a delight!!!! I highly recommend this class to everyone!!! If you want to take care of your temple that God gave you charge over this is it!!!!! We made the Pina Colada. My husband loved it. Fresh vanilla bean, fresh coconut water, coconut and agave. I believe we can do this!!!!
Alison Frazier-Hayden - Martha's Vineyard
Stephanie helped me learn how to eat, what to eat, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise and better nutrition in my daily schedule. For once, someone was finally there to guide me with a struggle that I had always had. Not only was Stephanie helping me with my eating lifestyle, but with my overall wellness. I suffer from hypothyroidism and after the first 2 months my thyroid levels were normal. I have never met someone who genuinely wanted to help and is always positive about the future. Stephanie helped me discover a whole new approach with food. I love this journey!
April G. - Ashburn, VA
Juan Salazar - Northern Virginia
Everyone is after more liveliness and vitality and Stephanie Hall shows us a delicious path in the journey of nurturing our physical being. Her story is evidence of how we can make a tremendous difference in the healing of our own body and mind. I have tasted some amazing food at her classes – green/live smoothies, holiday nut nog, chili, pad thai, lasagna, and unbelievable salads – all of these have been raw vegan! She’s taught me and others that one can take even small steps that add up to great results in a way that enhances, not interferes, with my many other responsibilities in life and career.
Juan Salazar - Northern Virginia Corporate Sales Executive | Certified Natural Trainer, Monkey Bar Gymnasium
Sadiya Wimms - Washington, DC
Stephanie has helped me “up my game”! Years ago, I’d explored attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (one of the same schools she attended), and after meeting her, I knew it was the school I needed to attend to help catapult my health coaching business to the next level. As if this wasn’t enough, I also attend many of Stephanie’s healthy cooking classes, and her food is amazing! I often show my clients many techniques that I’ve learned from her classes. To date, one of my favorites has been opening a coconut with a cleaver. She has showed me an easier way and now, I enjoy coconut water (from a real coconut), more frequently! Simply said, if you want to learn practical and easy techniques for creating delicious, healthy dishes, you’d want to meet Stephanie!
Sadiya Wimms - Washington, DC VegLight - www.veglight.com
Early on during my exposure to the lifestyle of wellness and nutrition I was introduced to Stephanie Hall by my wife and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & DoTERRA Wellness Advocate – Dawn Griffith-Molina. We attended several of Stephanie’s raw food cooking demonstrations together. Stephanie brought a sense of energy, variety, and practicality to the preparation of raw and natural foods. She made food preparation easy to learn. She was always on-time, prepared and provided numerous resources. After her classes she was always available as a resource. I owe so much to Stephanie. My wellness and nutrition lifestyle continues to flourish thanks in part to an early introduction by Stephanie. Thank you so much Stephanie for all you do.
Rosendo Molina. & Dawn Griffith Molina - Northern, VA sunrisenutritionaltherapy.org