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Promo3Stephanie Hall founder of HomeGrown Wellness Coaching and Cuisine is an experienced raw vegan chef who has had the privilege of sharing delicious plant based cuisine with hundreds of people all over the country. With each encounter Stephanie consistently debunks the myth that an all plant based diet is boring and lacks flavor. Through her customized detox programs,personal chef services and raw vegan instructional services Stephanie is committed to providing you with the level of support that you need to consistently incorporate more plant based foods into your diet. Stephanie has had the privilege of providing raw vegan services to an extensive list of high profile clientele including professional recording artists, actors, professional athletes and both large and small corporations. Some of her notable clientele includes: Grammy award winning artist Chrisette Michele, Grammy award winning artist Tionne “Tboz” Watkins of TLC, R&B artist Tank, Mr. Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, Dr. Sheila Johnson – CEO of Salamander Resort and Spa, Salamander Resort & Spa, and Whole Foods Market just to name a few.

pizzaBefore learning about the healing and cleansing benefits of a plant based diet Stephanie suffered terribly from allergies, acid reflux, low energy, weight gain, IBS and a host of health challenges.Through the process of educating herself on the science of raw vegan foods and learning some of the basic principles of raw vegan food preparation and presentation Stephanie began to turn around the health challenges that she was experiencing and heal. In addition to that she started to create a ripple effect by inspiring and educating those around her to do the same. Since then she has studied over 100 different dietary theories and studied and learned from some of the major leaders and trailblazers in the raw vegan and wellness movement.Given that she now provides services for you to enjoy fresh plant based cuisine in the comfort of your own home without lifting a finger or the opportunity for you to become equipped and fully immersed so that you can start preparing delicious healthy cuisine right in your own kitchen that is not only healthy but loaded with flavor.

I have gained so much knowledge about healthier eating from the personalized raw “un” cooking classes with Stephanie. I was ready to make changes to improve my health and since implementing more fresh foods and the recipes and techniques learned from the personalized classes with Stephanie, I have experienced more energy, weight loss and a clearer complexion. This has been a wonderful new journey for me!!! I will be signing up for more classes and encouraging my friends to participate. I have also been sharing my food with colleagues and trying to educate them about healthier eating and nutrition

Sheila Johnson – Middleburg, VA

CEO Salamander Resort & Spa – www.salamanderresort.com



  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the planning that goes into eating raw and staying on your healthy eating regimen?
  • Do you want to have more time to focus solely on your work, building new relationships and living without having to map out a menu plan?
  • Do you have to have your green juice and green smoothies in the morning?
  • Is eating clean super important to you and keeping your weight within your ideal range for your health and vanity of course?

The raw solution is a personal chef service customized to accommodate clients who consume an all plant based diet or for clients who are attempting to incorporate healthier alternatives into their existing diet. HomeGrown Cuisine is committed to helping you to stay on your healthy eating regimen and doing all of the hard work of menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, cleanup and the packaging of your delicious healthy dishes so they are all ready for you to grab and go. HomeGrown Cuisine knows that our clients are busy and have limited time and availability so we provide flexibility based on the clients needs to include delivery, food preparation on site and travel to the client’s desired location based on chef availability.

I would love to relieve you from your kitchen duties!!


Stephanie Hall has been a great influence on me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. She introduced me to the benefits of coconuts and has been a guest raw chef at my home for a dinner party/raw food prep class. She is professional, knowledgeable and an excellent chef. I have participated in her three day raw food menu’s (which are awesome and fulfilling) as well as hired her to prepare desserts and foods for personal parties and events hosted at my Pilates studio. She is a wealth of information and I highly recommend her.

Carla Vercoe – Fairfax, VA

Owner StudioBE Pilates


  • Cheese_CakeAre you tired of preparing the same recipes over and over again and in desperate need of more options and more variety so that you can stay consistent with eating healthier meals?
  • Do you find it overwhelming when searching for recipes online only to find that they taste horrible once you try to replicate them in your own kitchen?
  • Are you ready to save time on planning your weekly meals so that you can avoid getting take out every night?

Join me in the comfort of your own kitchen where I’ll share with you some of my most tried and true recipes that are loaded with flavor and that the whole family will love.  During our time together I’ll educate you and personally show you how to save time in planning and preparing healthier meals. You will also learn how to apply simple and exciting food preparation techniques to recreate some of your favorite dishes and finally you will enjoy the endless possibilities that you can create with fresh whole foods.

I would love to show you how to effortlessly incorporate healthier alternatives into your diet RIGHT AWAY!!!


Stephanie Hall has been such an inspiration as I pursue a healthy raw vegan lifestyle. I have attended many of her cooking classes and have learned that cooking raw and being a vegan does not have to be boring. On the contrary, I have had so much fun learning and trying at home what she has taught in her classes. I have also passed on the skills I have learned from her to others in an effort to make people aware that healthy eating does not just mean eating lettuce and tomatoes. I have moved to Florida and do miss Stephanie and her energetic smile and unselfish love for people. She was always bright and cheerful and always has a smile on her face. She gives and gives from her heart and genuinely cares for others. I still keep getting her emails and love her new website. I would recommend Stephanie for her cooking classes to anyone that wants to learn to have fun and eat healthy. She makes learning to be healthy FUN!

Debbie Del Tejo – Pensacola, Florida

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