Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

I’ve spent the last week detoxing my mind, body and spirit and towards the end of my juice detox I just started dreaming about passion fruit and it is a fruit that I had been wanting to experiment more with for a while now. So I thought about all of the possible things that I could pair it with and this is how I came up with today’s recipe and let me tell you it is sooooo GOOD!!! So if you are looking for a healthier alternative to satisfy your cravings for sugar then you have to give today’s recipe a try and if you have never had passion fruit before it is both sweet and tart and it smells and taste AMAZING!!!
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Click on the link below to check out today’s brand new video.

Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

8oz – 16oz Fresh Coconut Water

1/2 cup coconut meat (from Young Thai Coconut)

1 cup frozen mango

2 passion fruit (seeds only)

1-2 Medjool Dates to sweeten

1 tbsp vanilla extract

Blend and Enjoy!!!

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